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Blue Water Institute – is committed to respectfully preserve our biggest asset…The Ocean

Blue Water Institute is committed to respectfully preserve our biggest asset…The Ocean

Our approach is to encourage the next generation of environmental filmmakers, storytellers and publishers, to develop and produce high impact narratives, which document our collective needs for the  support and preservation of the planet.

The Blue Water Institute adds to the  Voices of the Ocean – which encourage, which collate, which package and distribute essential stories on the state of our Oceans today and for tomorrow …

The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever

Blue Water Institute, a not-for-profit, and founded by Greg Reitman & William Ehmcke, is committed to the preservation of the planet through the art of storytelling.

The Institute is driven by its programs that discover, innovate and support environmental filmmakers.  At the core of our programs is the development and nurturing of the next generation of environmental filmmakers, aided by the Institute’s labs, grants, and mentorship programs that take place throughout the year.   The program labs and workshops will take place on Kangaroo Island in South Australia, one of the world’s great nature-based destinations.

The Institute has offices in Adelaide, Australia and provides creative and financial support to emerging and aspiring environmental filmmakers, directors, producers, screenwriters, through a series of labs and fellowships.

The Programs of Blue Water Institute extend to include….

The Blue Water Film Festival, in its third year, is an  environmental film festival in the U.S. that serves as a platform for independent filmmakers, storytellers and producers.

The Blue Water Summit is a platform event for convening ocean conservationists, ocean explorers, storytellers, scientists, and government officials providing dialogue for systematic change for the Oceans.

The Blue Water Story Expo serves as a place for screenwriters and producers to convene, pitch and potentially collaborate on developing and producing impact stories for the environment.

Programmed Labs and Workshops where storytellers are invited to collaborate to develop high impact content to give a Voice to our Oceans.

Three Laws of Ecology

As story tellers… and all of us has a story to be told … the Blue Water Institute, commits to the Three Laws of Ecology, to provide the Ocean with a Voice

Blue Water Institute is a not for profit organisation, funded by sponsorship, subscription, donations, and merchandise – all of which provides a deductible gift recipient for a tax deduction, under Australian legislation.  The Institute founders are –

  • Greg Reitman – an award-winning author, Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter, Executive Producer, Festival producer and member of the Director’s Guild of America. Described by Movie Maker Magazine as “one of the top ten filmmakers producing content that impacts our world.” He is the founder of Blue Water Entertainment, Inc., an independent production company focusing on environmentally conscious entertainment
  • William Ehmcke – remains an active campaigner for Sustainability, being informed by Friends of the Earth in 1972 ( Adelaide University) and party to a successful campaign against Coca Cola, resulting in an Australian first with legislation for a beverage container deposit. After a successful career in information technology, William returned to sustainability as Director, Connection Research, publishing numerous studies on Sustainability best practise and energy efficiencies, within the ICT industry.

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